FIRST AIRED: August 12, 2017

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>> US President Donald Trump's surprise threat of military action against Venezuela suddenly landing many Latin-American leaders between a rock and a hard place. While most condemned Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro for what they see as his dictatorial power grab. Those same leaders are softening their stance, now that Trump has threatened to intervene.
>> We have many options for Venezuela, including a possible military option if necessary.>> Reuters correspondent, Huge Bronstein is in Caracas.>> Latin American governments have gotten together to condemn the threat from the White House of a possible military action in Venezuela. That comes at a time when those same governments had just been forming a coalition against President Nicolas Maduro.
People in Venezuela don't quite know what to think. The most stringent opposition took heart in Trump's words that he was thinking about military action. But no one really thinks that an invasion is imminent.>> The socialist leader was attacked by regional and western leaders for the recent election of a legislative super body made of up ruling party loyalists.
The opposition called the election a sham, and vowed to continue protesting.>> While these protesters are against Maduro, it does not mean that they are in favor of a US Military intervention in Venezuela. So it could be that Donald Trump has played into the hands, or into the strategy of the Maduro, Chavez revolution by actually saying that a military intervention may be possible.
Maduro's, Venezuela faces a massive economic and political crisis with millions suffering food and medicine shortages. Triple digit inflation with months of anti-government unrest that has killed more than 120 people.