FIRST AIRED: August 17, 2017

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>> It's the Garden of Eden for pro wrestling fans. London wrestling event Eve filled with body slams,->>
h!>> Crowd boos, but no Adam. Eve being strictly for women wrestlers, it's popularity boosted by the hit Netflix series Glow.>> Sorry what's Glow?>> Gorgeous ladies of wrestling.
>> A fictionalized account of a real life American wrestling circuit in the 1980s.>> Aah!>> 36 year old Claire is a personal trainer by day, by night she's a masked crusader.>> When I came across wrestling it was like this art form that was all about confrontation, and really standing up for yourself, and I felt like there was something in it that would really help me in my personal life.
>> Her friends, once skittish, now cheer her on ring side having watched Glow. The series also helping Eve's founders gain wider acceptance promoting their events.>> We don't get laughed at. We don't get the phone hung down on us, hung up on us. We've had numerous venues cancel us when they realized the professional wrestling was featuring women, because they thought that that was the equivalent of porn.
>> While the moves are scripted, the injuries, as in any pro wrestling match, are not. At least one woman has left the ring with a broken collarbone.