FIRST AIRED: August 30, 2017

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>> As tropical storm Harvey moved east toward Louisiana, with the skies beginning to clear over clear over Houston on Wednesday, the scope of the damage coming more clearly into focus. At least 22 people are dead. Texas officials said close to 49,000 homes have suffered flood damage with over a thousand destroyed.
32,000 people have fled to emergency shelters.>> Did they have any beds for you?>> No, ma'am.>> And you have how many kids?>> Six.>> So where did everybody sleep?>> On the floor. I stayed up in a chair. I didn't sleep.>> Ongoing search and rescue operations throughout America's fourth largest city.
Coast Guard crews have rescued over 4,000 people and civilian volunteers have pulled thousands more to safety.>> Number one priority right now is recovering survivors.>> Harvey slammed into the Gulf Coast on Friday as a Category 4 hurricane and lingered over the area. The National Hurricane Center on Tuesday, saying the system dropped 51.88 inches of rain in Texas, a record for the continental US.
By Wednesday, some Houston residents began to leave city shelters hopeful to return home. But for residents near the city's reservoirs, streets could remain flooded for days or weeks. Reuters' correspondent Ernest Scheyder explains.>> Much of that rainwater that fell from Tropical Storm Harvey is collecting now behind giant levees and dams in and around Houston.
City officials in the next few days and county officials are going to be continuing to release some of that water from behind that dam. These controlled releases are designed to release pressure on the dam, but what they also do then is flood the bayou network further in and around Houston.
County and city officials are saying that some homes could be underwater for the next several weeks.>> Harvey made landfall a third time on Wednesday as it moved east over Port Arthur, Texas. That town seeing at least 40 inches of rain, so far, with drain pumps no longer functioning.