FIRST AIRED: August 26, 2017

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After weeks of trash talk, they've weighed in and stared each other down for one final time. I'm Philip O'Connor for Reuters, outside the T-Mobile Arena here in Las Vegas. Where undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather is going to meet a complete novice in Connor McGregor. Floyd Mayweather is 49 and 0 in his professional career, Conor McGregor has never boxed professionally at all.
He is however a two weight world champion in the UFC, and before that in the Cage Warriors Championship. So what is McGregor's tactic likely to be? He's gonna try to finish this fight in the first four rounds. McGregor says he's gonna finish it one. Let's hope he does for his sake, because it's gonna be very, very tough for him to keep up the pace that it takes to chase Floyd down for the whole 12 rounds.
In the real world, McGregor should be a million to one outsider here. But here in Vegas everybody loves a gamble, and plenty of people, not just Irish fans, are putting money on their man to win. That means that McGregor's odds have been tumbling almost since the fight was announced, as people go to betting, hoping for a big payday here.
But the smart money is gonna be on Floyd Mayweather, but you're gonna have a hard time finding odds that are gonna make it pay. Floyd Mayweather is coming out of retirement for this fight. And there are questions over whether the 40 year old still has the pace, the power, and the heart to go the distance with the 29 year old, McGregor.
That said, with a record of 49, zero, he's not willing to throw that away. And he'll be hoping to have the perfect 50 to break Rocky Marciano's record, and retire into the sunset with millions and millions of dollars, which he's gonna make right here in Las Vegas.>>
>> This is set to be one of the richest fights ever with, TV company, Show Time saying, that it is set to be one of their biggest pay-per-views.>> What do we know about the money? Very little, only what Conor McGregor has said. He told reporters that he stands to make a hundred million dollars out of this fight alone, if ticket sales, pay-per-view sales, and everything else go according to plan on the night.
For Mayweather, who's Mayweather Promotions are the main promoters of the fight, well, he stands to make even more. This is the first time we're seeing a hugely experienced boxer go up against a novice from the UFC, a mixed martial artist. Is it gonna be the last time? I would sincerely doubt it.
One of the sayings here in Las Vegas is, if it makes dollars, it make sense. And if this is a pay-per-view success, and the success in terms of merchandise and ticket sales, I can't see why this wouldn't happen again in the very near future.