FIRST AIRED: August 27, 2017

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Well, this appears to be either the worst or one of the worst floods Houston has ever had. We are measuring it not in inches but in feet. I saw one report that I cannot confirm that there may be as many as ten million people under a flash flood warnings who could be in harms way.
This is an all in all resources across the state of Texas. I'm proud to say that we've been receiving so many offers of help from all of our neighboring states, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Even as far away as Governor Cuomo in New York is providing resources for us, and so we're very appreciative of our fellow states as well as what the federal government has done.
And I gotta tell you, the Trump Administration has provided us everything that we need.>> This Governor has demonstrated great leadership. His emergency manager, Nim Kidd, has demonstrated a great deal of experience and calm. And what the two of them did was get together and ask for an unprecedented degree of Federal support prior to landfall, something that we haven't seen before.
Let's not lose our focus on how bad this still is. Some news coverage outlets, not yours, are reporting that this is being downgraded, is less of an event, and is just a storm now. Now. That's a mistake. We're gonna see continued rain upwards of 30 inches. I don't think people understand what's 30 inches of rain.
I don't understand. I've been around dozens and dozens of major disasters and hurricanes, hundreds of disasters. I've never seen 30 inches of rain.