FIRST AIRED: August 27, 2017

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>> It's not the type of reception Chancellor Angela Merkel's re-election bid needs. Jeers ringing out at a campaign event in an eastern town in Germany. Chants of liar, liar, and Merkel must go, marking her 13 minute address. Undeterred, the German Chancellor pushed back.>> Ladies and gentlemen, some believe the problem in Germany can be overcome and solved by screaming.
I don't think so, and the majority of the people here don't think so either.>> 1,500 people are thought to be in attendance here in the town in Kohlenburg. A fringe group of demonstrators tried to drown out her supporters.>>
>> But their protests go to the heart of the problem Angela Merkel faces as she seeks a fourth term in office.
A surge of refugees being resettled in Germany, and Merkel's open door policy, have made her the poster child for anti-refugee sentiment. On Sunday, in an interview of newspaper Welt am Sonntag, she declared she had no regrets over her 2015 decision to open the borders. Pollsters predict the far right alternative for Germany party, could win around 10% of the vote when the country goes to the ballot box next month.
This is only her second campaign stop in the former communist Eastern Germany, an area where anti-foreigner sentiment is especially pronounced. As of first speech in the region she faced chants of traitor. Polls have Merkel and her conservative social Democrats comfortably in the lead, ahead of September's elections. This kind of opposition is unlikely to threaten her leadership ambitions.
But on Saturday Merkel departed from her stun speech three times because of the jeers. Even if as anticipated she wins, increasingly vocal anti-refugee sentiment may haunt any victory.