FIRST AIRED: August 16, 2017

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>> Will see what happens with Mr. Bannon but he is a good person.>> President Donald Trump offering praise for senior adviser Steve Bannon on Tuesday. Filling speculation that another top weight house official may soon be out of the door. I'm Andy Sullivan in washington with the game who's in, who's out continues now focusing on Bannon the foremost advocate of the nationalist world view that got Trump get elected last year.
A month long dispute between Bandon and national security adviser H.R. McMaster spilling out into the open. Sources telling Reuters that Trump may soon be forced to chose between the two. It's a further sign of instability in the White House coming as Trump pours more fuel on the fire over his response to the White Nationalists violence in Charlottesville Virginia last weekend.
>> I think there is blame on both sides, and I have no doubt about it.>> As head of the Far Right Website Breitbart, Bannon helped to find the populace ideology that Trump embraced in his presidential bid, coming on to service chairman of the campaign in the final months of last years election.
At the White House, Bannon has pushed to scrap trade deals, restrict immigration, and tear up the Iran nuclear deal, putting him at odds with internationalist advisors like Gary Cohn and especially McMaster, a by-the-book general who's wildly respected in Washington. Bannon coming under increasing pressure as critics say his America first views have emboldened white nationalists leading to last weekend's deadly violence in Virginia
>> He is not a racist I can tell you that he's a good person>> The beef between these two getting nastier in recent days. Breitbart and other conservative websites accusing McMaster of being soft on Israel and attacking his character. McMaster refusing to say whether he and Bannon can still work together on NBC's Meet the Press on Sunday.
>> And I like him.>> Sources telling Routers that Trump is not eager to cut Bannon loose. Warning that doing so who alienate some of his most loyal supporters as his poll numbers to continue to drop. How this is the White House's is still adjusting to a new chief of staff John Kelly and searching for a communications director after the whirlwind tenure of Anthony Scaramucci who last a total of 11 days on the job.
Despite this personnel move this dispute between McMaster and Bannon is a sign that the White House is still badly divided.>> Mr. President, do you think you are helping to heal the nation?