FIRST AIRED: August 21, 2017

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ghanistan holding it's breath for Trump's call on war with the Taliban. On Sunday US officials said the President has settled on a new strategy, likely a small increase in the number of American troops. Trump is set to outline the plan in a prime-time TV address Monday night.
For now, the specifics are unclear, but as Router's Josh Smith reports, it's unlikely to be a massive deployment.>> There have been some comparisons between this decision drawn to the decision by Barack Obama to send tens of thousands additional troops here during the surge. Military officials, however, say that type of engagement is not on the table, and that the additional troops who would be sent here would mostly be advisors along with some additional forces that would be involved in things like providing air strike support for the Afghans as well as conducting counter-terrorism operations against groups like Al-Qaeda and Islamic state.
>> After Trump ran for office, skeptical of the war, he's taken his time weighing a number of options. That includes eyeing Afghanistan's vast minerals deposits as a payoff for U.S. help. Trump brought up the idea to advisors in July, but private investors say it's a pipe dream.>> Afghanistan has potentially a trillion dollars worth of various valuable minerals, including lithium and copper.
Most of these mines are all completely inoperable and inaccessible in many cases. Additionally, the deteriorating security situation means that more and more areas of this country, including the areas where some of these mineral deposits are located, are under the control of either the Taliban or other armed groups, making it nearly impossible for any major mineral extraction to occur in the near future.
>> Beyond Afghanistan, Trump's address is expected to outline a broad South Asia strategy to deal with insurgents. US lawmakers have tried to push Pakistan to shut down its Taliban sanctuaries for years, with little success. American Intelligence says Pakistan based groups are behind major attacks in the Afghan capital.