FIRST AIRED: August 19, 2017

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>> On a calm summer day on the water, College of Charleston senior Sam Fink is tying up loose ends. Putting the finishing touches on a project he's been working on for a year and a half.>> It's almost impossible to really put into words.>> Fink is part of the Space Grant Ballooning Project, a joint NASA and Montana State University nationwide program.
That will send more than 50 high-altitude balloons rigged with cameras into the sky to capture Monday's historic solar eclipse. His team is led by Dr. Cassandra Runyon.>> Eclipse day we're going to try to reach the edge of space which is somewhere around 90 to 100,000 feet.>>
t before that happens, they'll head five to six nautical miles offshore.
That's where they'll launch their balloons. The team did a test launch on Thursday with the help of a helium tank they'll send a weather balloon high into the sky. And attached to their balloon will be a 360 video camera, a still camera, and a computer to transmit the images back to Earth in real time.
They tried it recently over Montana, the results were spectacular. But for Monday's exercise the team will be focused on recording the speed of the eclipse's shadow, which will be moving at about 1,500 miles per hour.>> I personally can't conceive of the shadow moving at between, almost 1,500 miles per hour.
So hopefully a video camera will capture that rapid movement of the shadow.>> Once the balloons reach altitude in the stratosphere the video will be streamed live, a first for an eclipse. And with that streaming the team will reach a whole new audience.>> I'm not nervous, I'm really excited to see the eclipse.
And the fact that I get to share it with the whole world is almost makes it a little bit of gravy on top there.>> See the cans right overhead?