FIRST AIRED: August 23, 2017

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>> Finland is gearing up for what authorities are calling the country's first-ever terrorism-related murder trial. The main suspect in last week's stabbing spree briefly seen by a mob of media as he appeared in a court via video conference. Hiding his face as he sat in his hospital room.
As Reuters' Jussi Rosendahl explains from Helsinki, the attack may be changing Finland's world view.>> Finland is a relatively peaceful country. It's been named as the world's safest place to visit by the World Economic Forum, and the country was not used to mass immigration before 2015, when the situation changed and the migrant inflows increased significantly.
And the police has said that the rise in the number of asylum seekers had also increase the threat of terrorism. The government is, at the moment, looking to fast track new intelligence laws which would give the police basically new powers to monitor citizens online. Also some politicians are promoting establishing this new type of return centers for those who have been denied asylum.
That was the situation with this main suspect in this terrible attack. A lawyer for 18 year old Moroccan national Abderrahman Mechkah says the teenager admits to killing two people and wounding eight in the city of Turku. But he's pleading guilty to manslaughter, not murder and hasn't admitted to terrorism as a motive.
Mechkah, one of four Moroccans still held over the incident, although authorities have not said what role the other three may have played. He appears to have targeted women. For any other European country, it would be an all too common tale, in Finland, however, this is all still very new.