FIRST AIRED: August 22, 2017

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>> Military power alone will not bring peace to Afghanistan or stop the terrorist threat.>> Scathing criticism of US President Donald Trump's plan for Afghanistan coming from a news site run by the man who was until recently one of the President's closest advisers. Screaming headlines at the top of Breitbart news, Trump reverses course, defends flip-flop in somber speech.
The far right website that used to be a reliable source of praise for the president, now bludgeoning him. The coverage seen as a sign of Steve Bannon's return to Breitbart. The former White House Chief Strategist, who was sacked on Friday, has been reported saying that he now plans to quote, crush the opposition with his quote, weapons saying he'd quote, go to war for the platform Trump ran on as a candidate.
Possibly the most divisive and controversial former member of Trump's inner circle, Bannon seemed to epitomize Trump's nationalist message. Anti-trade, anti-immigrant, opposed to international engagement, and by extension, interventionist wars. That stance pitting him against many in the White House including the President's daughter and son-in-law, the Treasury Secretary and Chief Economic Adviser, and National Security Adviser HR McMaster.
And now he's back at Breitbart and appears committed to continuing that fight.>> The American people expect to see real reforms, real progress, and real results.>> The lead article on Afghanistan describing Trump's plan as quote, tweaks around the edges of the current strategy instead of a different approach.
An analysis on the site asking quote, is Trump's Afghanistan policy that different from Obama's, and describing Trump's speech as quote, alien to his electoral base. If Bannon was a destabilizing force inside the White House, it's unclear whether he'll be any less volatile outside.