FIRST AIRED: August 22, 2017

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rope has suffered from about a dozen militant attacks in recent years, where vehicles have been used as weapons. But cities have been reluctant to mitigate the risks by changing their layout. Reuter's Tom Bergin says they're put off by the expense, the disruption to traffic, and the aesthetic.
>> The industry say those concerns are overblown, they say they can make their products look pretty. Behind me you see the bollards. Then, of course, there are more discreet measures, like also behind me the planters. Reinforced steel bins, street furniture, which is simply much stronger than traditional street furniture, to stop vehicles gaining access to pedestrian areas.
Or getting very far in those pedestrian areas. After last week's deadly attack in Barcelona, some residents said officials should've done more to prevent vehicle access to La Rambla. Authorities though said, ensuring total security was impractical, and even investing heavily doesn't always work.>> London is the greatest example perhaps of the way in which if you protect one area, the risk simply shifts to another area.
Huge security measures have been taken to stop the hostile vehicle attacks. But while certain areas have been protected, Westminster Bridge wasn't protected, and of course that's where there was an attack earlier this year, that lead to five fatalities.>> Some also argue that the money would be better spent gathering intelligence on would be attackers, before they strike.
Two security companies told Reuters they haven't seen the sharp growth in their market, that they were expecting. A common complaint is that cities don't want to live under siege in a fortress.>> European cities value very much their city center living, and the ability of citizens to walk to work, to walk to recreational areas.
For a lot of city officials around Europe, they feel that if they were to take the kind of measures, which would indeed significantly reduce the risk of these attacks, they may indeed fundamentally undermine the ethos of a European city.>> And therefore make it less pleasant to live in.
And really, just give in to the very ambition of the people who would seek to make these attacks.