FIRST AIRED: August 15, 2017

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>> A jury in Denver ruling in favor of Taylor Swift on Monday, finding that a Colorado DJ assaulted the pop star by grabbing her bare behind. And awarding her the symbolic $1 she sought in damages. The eight member federal court jury which deliberated for less than four hours rejected claims by radio personality David Mueller that Swift's mother and a member of her team cost him his job by making false groping accusations.
But the jury said Mueller did grope Swift under her skirt during a meet and greet photo shoot. 55 year old Mueller initiated the litigation in 2015 after Swift's team informed his employer of the incident. The 27 year old singer counter sued, and last week delivered a confident testimony during the trial.
Reuters correspondent Keith Coffman was in the courtroom.>> She, in response to nearly every question, she repeated to Mr. Mueller's lawyers like your client grabbed my ass. Pardon my language, but she repeated that phrase over and over during her hour long testimony. She was very strong, emphatic, very witty, and just didn't back off an inch.
>> This is it, the line's drawn.>> Swift's attorney saying his client was asking for only $1 in damages, because she had no desire to bankrupt the DJ, only to send a message.>> That dollar is a single dollar and it is of immeasurable value in this ever going fight for us to figure our where the lines are.
And what's right and what's wrong and tolerance and whose body is whose.