FIRST AIRED: August 16, 2017

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e six month old victim of post election violence in Kenya, Samantha Pendo left in a coma after being allegedly tear gassed and clubbed by police has now died, her doctor said on Tuesday. The baby girl was asleep in her mother's arms when police forced their way into her home, her parents had said earlier.
>> They throw the teargas inside and it was so smoky. And I had a six month old baby there, she couldn't even breath, the child was like
he was rubbing her eyes cuz of that. One of the guy beat me, then the other one came with that stick on them, hit the baby.
Then I let the baby off of my hand because she did not cry. I did not feel any movement.>>
The baby and her parents were beaten on Saturday as police swept their neighborhood in the city of Kisumu looking for protesters, residents told Reuters. Kisumu is the stronghold of opposition leader Raila Odinga, who is contesting results from last Tuesday's presidential election.
inga's accusations of vote rigging have led to protest in Kisumu's and Nairobi's slums. Kenya’s police have been accused by residents of using lethal violence. The force says its response has been lawful and proportionate. The Kenyon National Commission on Human Right ssaid on Saturday that 24 deaths had been reported nationwide since the election last Tuesday.
The Government puts the death toll at ten. Police have promised to investigate all incidents, but human rights groups say they rarely hold officers to account for extrajudicial killings.
d whatever the outcome, such investigations are unlikely to provide much consolation, to Samantha's grieving parents.