FIRST AIRED: August 22, 2017

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>> As US President Donald Trump prepares for a political rally in Arizona Tuesday, just ten days after the deadly violence in Charlottesville, Virginia and fierce public backlash over his response. A new Reuters poll finds that the President's supporters stand by his account of the bloodshed. Reuters' polling editor, Chris Kahn.
When we asked, what is your view of the Charlottesville rally, we saw a real even split among Americans who felt that there really were both sides to the violence, and those who mostly blame the white supremacists. With this and with many things that have to do with Donald Trump and race, you see big splits along party lines and on racial lines.
Whites and Republicans are very much seeing the way that Donald Trump sees it, and minorities and Democrats are largely seeing the other way.>> The Arizona rally will likely do little to change that dynamic. The state went for Trump in the election, but it is also home to two Republicans with whom he has contentious relationships.
Senator John McCain, who famously gave the thumbs down to Trump's health care bill, and senator Jeff Flake, who has kicked off his own reelection campaign with a book blasting the President for having an agenda he calls, quote, free of significant thought. What's more, Phoenix Mayor, Greg Stanton, is among the many politicians who have called for Trump to postpone the event, citing a need to let the country heal after Charlottesville.
The Mayor's other concern is that Trump has hinted he may pardon former Arizona sheriff and immigration hardliner, Joe Arpaio, during his visit. Arpaio was convicted last month of violating a court order against racially profiling Latinos. Mayor Stanton added that if Trump proceeds with the pardon, quote, it will be clear his true intent is to inflame emotions and further divide our nation..