FIRST AIRED: August 31, 2017

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>> This convoy of Islamic State fighters and their families were being evacuated to IS territory on Wednesday under a cease fire deal arranged between the Lebanese military, the Syrian government, and the militant group Hezbollah. But the US led warheads have used air strikes to block their path. A symptom of a complicated war being fought on many fronts by different actors.
The IS fighters who left the Karar region of western Syria on Monday are now stranded near Humama in the east of the country. Coalition jets cratered a road and destroyed a bridge to block the convoy, as well as striking an IS party that was coming to meet them.
lamic State have been under siege from the Lebanese military on one front, and the Syrian army and Hezbollah on another, in a small enclave on the Syrian-Lebanese border.
ceasefire was announced on Sunday allowing for the evacuation, but that deal was criticized by the US led coalition and Iraq.
Brett McGurk, the US Envoy to the coalition said on Wednesday that, relocating terrorists for someone else to deal with is not a lasting solution. Coalition spokesman Ryan Dillion told Reuters that, in accordance with the laws of armed conflict, the coalition would strike IS fighters if it was able to do so.
added the warplanes would not directly target the convoy unless the militants could be separated from the civilians.