FIRST AIRED: September 8, 2017

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>> Having conquered the world of Wall Street, Jamie Dimon, the successful head of JP Morgan Chase, may be ready to take on Washington. Racking up those air miles, he's already made over a dozen trips to DC this year, that's four times as much as he normally does according to a source.
So, what's he doing down there? Besides chatting up the political class as the head of the business round table, one of the biggest business lobbying groups in the country. The far from shy Diamond has been speaking from the heart on topics outside the traditional business world such as LGBTQ rights, race relations, climate change, and the Washington dysfunction he's called, embarrassing along with the few curse words thrown in for good measure.
And he is not shy on taking on the President. Having turned down an offer to be Trump's treasury secretary, Dimon has used memos to employees, and his annual letter to share holders to excoriate the Trump policies he's opposed to. With a matter of fact
] of a New York CEO, he's taken audience with Republicans like Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, Democrats like Senator Sherrod Brown.
He's even met with Wall Street's biggest nemesis on the Hill, Senator Elizabeth Warren, people familiar with the meetings tell Reuters. Dimon has been seen so much in the nation's capital this summer, he's become a bit of a celebrity, says one source. Having guided JPMorgan Chase largely through the financial crisis unscathed, building it into one of the most profitable banks in the world, and beating cancer.
Dimon, may be eyeing his next job, one that requires an address change from the halls of finance to maybe the Oval Office.