FIRST AIRED: September 1, 2017

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>> A hard boil for one of North Korea's few links to the outside. The American travel ban kicking in Friday, gutting the faculty of Pyongyang's only Western backed university. The Pyongyang University of Science and technology or PUST was setup five years ago. A diplomat experiment with foreign teachers helping young North Koreans engaged with the wider world.
Now as tension with Washington boils over boost is taking collateral damage, Reuters Jumen Park reports.>> The school is the largest concentration of foreigners, especially Americans. In this isolated country which ideologically treats US as its arch enemy. Now it no longer has dozens of American lecturers on the ground.
The school is facing an on certain feature in terms of how to keep the school running and maintain its unique English based international character. They have to revise class schedules and possible change some in class lectures through videos and scale down on biannual international conference in October.>> North Korea is now the only country in the world that US citizens are banned from visiting.
The school of staff say they're lobbying Washington for exemptions but it's unclear if the Americans will ever return.>> It seems journalist and some NGO workers can get on exemption on the humanitarian grounds. But it's still unclear yet if the school can fit into those special application criteria.
The American faculty is now preparing some paper work, so that they can file application as soon as US government has some kind of clear direction.>> This year's already been tough for the school. Two of its US staff have been detained since spring for allegedly acting against the state.
And while the new ban could keep more American visitors out of Pyongyang's prisons, sources close to PUST worry that that comes at the cost of years of progress aimed at breaking through an increasingly isolated regime.