FIRST AIRED: June 2, 2016

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the united states and its allies carried out ten airstrikes against islamic state militants in syria and twenty five strikes in iraq since sunday u. s. military said on monday , the bombings come after isis gained ground in both countries this week seizing the a stork syrian city upon your and taking the iraqi city of ramadi from the u. s. trained iraqi army featuring the scorn of u. s. secretary of defense ash carter said on sunday that iraqi soldiers quote showed no will to fight rocks prime minister how dear allah body responded shortly after battling an interview with the b. b. c. that iraq would retake ramadi within days , what is reporter jeff mason says this exchange force the white house into damage control mode monday so vice president biden called iraqi prime minister a body basically to smooth the waters a little bit after secretary carter over the weekend was a little bit critical of iraqi forces , the fact that the the vice president without , some damage control duty does suggest that the white house may not have been pleased , uh with how carter hand , c. n. n. , the united nations says twenty five thousand people fled the city after the islamic state attack on ramadi heading east to baghdad many were believed to be running from the black clad isis fighters for the second time about a hundred thirty thousand left in april