FIRST AIRED: June 2, 2016

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how do you nnnnn iraqi troops firing on islamic state targets outside ramadi wednesday part of a massive bid to retake the city seized earlier this month by the sunni militants warrant strobel is following the story for writers in washington the sort of counter offense in ramadi hasn't really began when , and they're taking up positions are doing surveillance of other islamic state positions there's been some exchange of god , r. but it sort of preparatory to the big bad , sunni tribesman also engaging wednesday with islamic state just fifteen miles outside ramadi with the tribesmen say they were upheld the suni extremists as they tried to move closer to baghdad , iraq is frantic to retake the city and reverse its biggest setback in the battle against i. s. in over a year they are depending on shiite militiamen with iran is backing who are also on their way to ramadi so you have some iraqi army units but they've been buttressed by %HESITATION , the shiite militias and also by %HESITATION u. s. and allied air power in there's fear that the %HESITATION shiite militias could do what they have done in other places which not only defeat islamic state but take retribution possibly against the civilian population there which is in a very difficult circumstance there are signs of a counter offensive by islamic state several news service is reporting the militants carried out a wave of bombings near the islamic state held city of fallujah where iraqi troops have been staging to begin the battle to retake ramadi