FIRST AIRED: June 2, 2016

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nnnnn twenty sixteen elections shaping up to be one of the most money soaked in history with presidential candidates like marco rubio and rick santorum cozying up next to their own billionaire backers , that has some voters worried that a handful of the super rich could control the outcome of the election , reuters correspondent emily flitter says a backlash in , add a link , you don't have , billionaire , case in point philadelphia's mayoral election in may we're candidate anthony hardy williams who is considered the favorite lost by a significant margin after his opponent jim kenny hard on the fact that williams had ads paid for by three billion areas from susquehanna international group , a global financial firm headquartered just outside the city limits , i went to philadelphia on election day and talk to people who are coming out of the polls after voting for the mayor and several people i talked to said that they didn't like outside money coming in one woman i talked to said she would have given williams of the , billionaire and while they may be billionaires there often pretty bad with money when it comes to buying elections , casino magnate sheldon adults and donated more than a hundred million dollars and twenty twelve , only to see virtually all of the candidates he supported including mitt romney lose , twenty fourteen former hedge fund founder thomas dyer who back democrats through his super pac the next gen climate action committee spent seventy nine million dollars and watch the democrats take a beating in the mid terms , they are oppression political spenders they're willing to put a lot of money into political races but they often don't make wise decisions about where to put it and whom to support nevertheless billionaires are still likely to remain a powerful force in twenty sixteen likely keeping long shots of flow , billionaire industrialist charles and david coke have publicly vowed to spend nearly nine hundred million dollars to influence next year's races