FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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nnnnn republican presidential candidate rand paul calling on washington to kill a controversial surveillance program bringing a debate over privacy versus security from the senate floor to the campaign trail , i mean the soul of an outside independence hall in philadelphia symbol of personal freedoms guaranteed by the constitution , grandpa is just here calling on president obama to stop them bulk collection of americans telephone records which he says violates the right to privacy guaranteed in the constitution , he's not likely to prevail in washington but is hoping to spark a broader debate over the scope of the government's spying programs , congress enable the program when it passed the u. s. a. patriot act after the september eleventh two thousand one attacks after that the government started secretly collecting millions of phone records , they don't know what you said on the phone but they can easily find out who you called and when you called and this was all secret until former government contractor edward snowden made it public in twenty thirteen creating a public outcry , the program is due to expire at the end of the month unless congress acts nepal wants to kill the program but some of his republican rivals have other ideas , florida senator marco rubio wants to continue it as is well texas senator ted cruz supports a compromise that would scale it back hall says he might not to filibuster if he needs to that could help and win new voters remember he was widely praised on the left and the right after his thirteen hour filibuster in twenty thirteen so for rand paul a loss in the said it could turn into a win on the campaign trail