FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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my god president obama emerging from a high stakes summit with gulf leaders with a commitment in hand to build a missile defense shield for the region to protect against iran , obama wants to reassure his allies skittish over a possible iran nuclear deal that would lift sanctions and free the shiite republic to be more assertive in the region , defense correspondent andrea show lol says the new system would greatly improve their ability to intercept incoming missiles in midair here at home , endurance missile arsenal does have the firepower to be dangerous so the fear in the neighborhood israel ron already has quite a lot of missiles they're not that reliable but they have a lot , and if you have cheaper missiles but many of them you can actually %HESITATION would be very difficult to defend against it and there is still a general fear of a rod making nuclear weapons at attaching those warheads to its missiles many of the gulf states are individually outfitted to repel attacks with patriot and thad missiles built by contractors raytheon at lockheed martin what they need is they need to network it altogether have those systems talk to each other , so that they can more effectively fight back if iran globs any missiles their way that's going to require a lot of investment in training from the united states until all says that could take years we're talking about new equipment we're talking about agreements about sharing information and also about training the troops in those individual countries to be able to actually man and worked this system , with saudi arabia and its gulf allies already cooperating on air strikes against iran backed rebels in yemen u. s. officials say it's the right time to push ahead so u. s. team will head to the region in coming weeks to get the missile shield off the ground