FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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defiant in the dock but egypt's former president mohamed morsi faces the death sentence an egyptian court says that he and over a hundred other members of the muslim brotherhood should be executed , they're accused of killing and kidnapping police officers and breaking out of jail during the twenty eleven uprising that ended hosni mubarak several , but many see this is a political trial an attempt to put an end to the once powerful brotherhood , morrissey's lawyer says the former president doesn't accept the court's authority , i know it might doesn't recognize this trial and therefore we must get back to him in order to challenge these verdicts against him , over the past two years thousands of brotherhood leaders and supporters have been rounded up and put in jail , the route is bureau chief michael georgie says it doesn't spell the end of the movements , this is the toughest cracked down on the brotherhood in egypt history , fading underground going to jail for that come back and they're the most organized political groups in egypt , was he became egypt's first freely elected president in twenty twelve for the honeymoon period of his rule was short lived , was he was accused of imposing a conservative brand of islam and mismanaging the economy , millions took to the streets in twenty thirty two de monte resign , prompting the army to step in and his one year presidency , with a final ruling against brotherhood leaders expected on june the second the case is still have to be referred to egypt's top religious authority before any executions can take place