FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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the u. s. cracking down on what it says is economic espionage charging six chinese nationals with stealing trade secrets in a thirty two count indictment the chinese defendants were accused of stealing wireless technology that is often used by the military trio professors and are charged with pilfering source code from two u. s. companies , vacco technologies and sky works solutions , reuters correspondent linsey dunsmuir has been following the story they then took some trade secrets from those two companies they went back to china they became professes at a chinese university and increase the university and the other people accused they set up a company in china to use the secrets that they alesha stolen to develop similar technology within china to benefit %HESITATION the chinese government essentially the indictments of the latest in the conflict between china and the united states as both countries strive to gain the innovative edge is becoming an increasing %HESITATION concern for the u. s. this whole economic espionage trade secrets in particular with regard to china you know that the rising if not already new superpower in the world so in the last three years the u. s. has actually used %HESITATION a statute under the economic espionage act %HESITATION to charge individuals accused of helping china they didn't use that %HESITATION economic espionage charge that often one of the suspects was arrested on u. s. soil the rest remain in china if convicted they could be sentenced to up to fifty years in prison