FIRST AIRED: June 2, 2016

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republican presidential hopeful carly fiorina says she is the right person to get america's fiscal house in order some staffers from her previous political campaign suggests she may not be as good at handling budgets , michelle conlin is covering the twenty sixteen presidential race for reuters i spoke to twelve people who were high level people in , senate campaign in california and they all said they would never go to work for her again %HESITATION and a big reason for that being the fact that they didn't get paid for for so long , federal election records show that for more than four years fee arena dodged her ex workers some of whom were owed tens of thousands of dollars in back payments campeones often and didn't that it's pretty common , uh what's more uncommon and what these formal people who work for her said that they were upset about is the fact that it took her so long to pay it off more than four years in the chi such a wealthy woman she has a net worth is estimated to be as much as a hundred and twenty million shortly after she lost that senate race she paid cash for a six million dollar house the debt so mostly paid now but these former workers say the checks didn't start coming in until fee arena decided to run for president , no comment from p. arena herself a press secretary for the fund raising group carly for america downplayed the delayed payments , saying many campaigns all money after final votes are counted