FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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nnnnn souls intelligence agency says north korea has executed its defense she the treasonous act apparently disrespecting supreme leader kim jong loons falling asleep at a military event this photo is said by south korean media to be be event in question defense minister sean young child headed north korea's infamous military spooks in the south say his punishment was execution by firing squad , with an anti aircraft , gone in front of hundreds , people reuters james pearson reports on the north from seoul the softer intelligence service says that's sean was excused because he dozed off a meeting at which turns on then was present , not whether or not that's the real reason behind his purge and execution is kind of irrelevant , for whatever reason , the people at the top decided that sean had to go and he himself was not powerful enough to stay in power , north korea's top brass has been purged and reshuffled several times since leader kim jong who took power in twenty eleven in twenty thirteen kim executed his uncle jang song thaek for corruption and last month south korea's intelligence agency said kim ordered fifteen senior officials executed as punishment for quote challenging his authority due to how opaque north korea is to anyone outside of its internal politics , it's often hard to see the true picture behind what's going on