FIRST AIRED: May 28, 2015

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the u. k. economy grew no point three percent in the first quarter of twenty fifteen a sharp decline from last year's not point six percent figure growth suffered due to rising imports in the service sector slow down kathleen brooks is from forex stockholm within the economy will probably meander along fairly nicely would expect acceleration in grace we don't expect sharp slowdown either %HESITATION in it will have very moderate middle of the road grayson into its largest city with this trade issue unit in the first quarter resource services that a little bit but we did see you know a slight increase in production slight %HESITATION increasing construction as well but that's not being transferred into our into you know explores basically , trade proved a major drag on the economy knocking north point nine percentage points off the g. d. p. right based you to high imports of oil machinery and transport equipment , that limits all potential also suggests that since the financial crisis , there you know successive governments have filed a rebalancing our economy absent you felt was still very reliant on the set a sector , until wages rise that does mean that you need self situation will be limited , there was still hope though the bank of england says first quarter growth may ultimately be revised up to north point five percent