FIRST AIRED: June 2, 2016

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i think june the fifth deadline approaches increases government is likely to be able to make that payment in time the still faces a very short window in which is tested french why differences with its creditors to be able to secure an eight agreement , i'm david abington chief correspondent for reuters increase creases government right now is in a frantic scramble it faces a three hundred million european and an office name and it does not have enough cash to be able to meet both the i. m. f. payments as well as wage and pension payments at the end of the month a new round of negotiations has just begun in brussels and the government has , but it hopes to and reach a deal by sunday now those in the other side of the negotiating table the eurozone policy i must say that not enough work has been done to be able to secure a deal so quickly when the consequences could try guy and panic in greece and some greeks decide that this is at the beginning of the end and run to the banks on the other hand skipping one payment to the i. m. f. may not be quite as disastrous as a as a full scale default announced because the i. m. f. does gave m. countries at thirty day grace period how far is time greek prime minister as he pressed willing to go to be able to secure a deal he has made it very clear that he is willing to take this game of brinkmanship right to the edge if he doesn't back down on this and that could trigger a revolt within his own party on the other hand the country's running out of money and they've already used lots of one off tactics just to be able to make that payment so far to the pressure from eight agreement is quite clearly on c. press but it would be politically difficult and some saving politically suicidal for him to concede too much just to be able to get an eight agreement