FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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and field program engaging communities where we hadn't been in far too long republicans hunting for recruits to run for office and deeply democratic areas hoping to flush out votes for the party's presidential bid for i. many sullivan in washington d. c. one of dozens of cities were republicans hold no elected office that is a problem many in the party say because the republicans are shut out of fast growing cities like this one will have a hard time competing in presidential elections , over the past several decades americans have gradually moved to neighborhoods where they'll be surrounded by people who share their political views liberals tend to like areas like this one where they can walk to restaurants and schools even if their houses are smaller conservatives tend to go for the distant suburbs , that means republicans are increasingly marginalized in large cities , american people in nineteen eighty republican presidential candidate ronald reagan got forty eight percent of the vote in the one hundred largest counties in twenty twelve republican mitt romney only got thirty eight percent of the vote in these areas that's not good for republicans as democrats win more votes in the cities and dense suburbs they're winning states like virginia in colorado that once voted reliably republican these areas could eventually turned ruby red states like georgia and arizona democratic as well , if republicans are going to do better in these areas party leaders say they've got to talk about boosting charter schools and scaling back regulations and they've got to steer clear of divisive issues like gay marriage , this is where a good local candidates come in they know their neighborhoods and they know what works and what doesn't , i spoke to a conservative activists in denver who just quit the republican party , he said that religious conservatives and other anti gay republicans were scaring off too many of his denver neighbors , it seems that not everybody in the party is ready to get behind his hermitage and