FIRST AIRED: May 29, 2015

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nmda man on a mission david cameron's on a whirlwind tour of european capitals trying to convince the distant reform the e. u. he wants to crawl back powers from brussels before a british referendum on e. u. membership steve i twenty seventeen , friday he was in berlin for a crucial meeting with german chancellor angela merkel he needs her help to negotiate a deal he can sell to a divided british public , which is bureau chief noah barkin says knuckle is sympathetic to some of cameron's dumont's but is unlikely to agree to any major concessions , the chances of changes to the e. u. treaties are very slim %HESITATION before the british referendum takes place , uh what we can expect are symbolic steps in the direction of britain but not the radical overhaul that cameron has been promising anna in britain , chairman has already made stops in the hague paris and warsaw , leaders they have all came to see the u. k. remain part of the twenty eight member block , she wants to keep britain and he's made that very clear %HESITATION but she is also made clear that she is not and cannot do that at any price , cameron's plans could turn out to be a very hard sell