FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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around the clock is ticking for tom brady the new england patriots star is expected to appeal to an offense punishment for deflategate before a five p. m. deadline today brady is suspended without pay for four games and the team was fined one million dollars and forced to give up to draft picks , reuters sports editor steve ginsburg it's got a real high power legal team they're going to argue the penalty was harsh the n. f. l. went into this investigation already having concluded what what happened so they're going to say that this was just not a fair investigation according to a two hundred thirty four page report the truth staffers likely deflated the footballs below league standards arm perfis and bredie most probably knew about it deflated footballs are easier to grip and cold and wet conditions and could have helped the team win the a. f. c. title game and , although it remains to be seen if brady bill wind appeal ginsberg says he doesn't have a case it is a it is a tough four game suspension it's that sentence if you consider that that ray rice originally got a two game suspension for domestic abuse , four games for deflating footballs is is really out of whack but ever since the ray rice episode roger goodell exchanges attitude he he doesn't want to hear throughout the scandal brady and the patriots owner robert kraft have maintained that the team had done nothing wrong craft even said the patriots would accept any punishment handed down by the n. f. l. but has since changed his tune calling the suspension unreasonable if brady a four time super bowl champion loses his appeal