FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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see what it's all about , house hunting in london loss finals and katie carol have any messy conflicts times but they're thinking about buying their first property together they've signed up to property by a match dot co dot u. k. the online service brings together like minded people wanting to buy their first home i feel we can scale interrupted either which is a huge challenge for anyone %HESITATION anyone my age %HESITATION it's really big , situation , as far as he's a close parisian have risen fourteen percent since the last general election it was a key campaign issue wages during that time have remained flat u. k. properties now costs five times more than what the average first time bioweapons and it could take twenty nine years just to save up the deposit , how long is useful what are your plans water my plants do you intend to travel would you want to ransack the place nnnnn , the average price of a house in london is now almost two hundred thousand pounds , so ready way out of reach for most first time buyers wilson katie may have a solution that there are those who failed london could be inflating a new property bubble