FIRST AIRED: June 2, 2016

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tanks and artillery circle the outskirts of ramadi iraqi soldiers preparing for a counter offensive , to take the city back from islamic states , overnight the soldiers fought off an attack by militants east of the city , the insurgents targeting shiites militia fighters now streaming it's the sunni dominated area to join the fight , royce's don evans is just back from a trip to iraq its fourth islamic state brings iraq's biggest province unbuffered under the control of the militants , it also shows that the iraqi army even backed by months and months of u. s. s. strikes isn't strong enough to contain islamic state in that province as pressure mounts fraction to retake the city a local government official has urged ramadi residents to join up , but they're a physical prime minister's move to send in shiite militia could steric deep sectarian hostility sending iranian backed shiite militias into a predominantly sunni province is a high stakes move , i'm the sunnis have accused shiite militias elsewhere in the country of atrocities after they've re taken towns from islamic state so that is a risk of deepening that sectarian divide in the country your body government had pledged to equip and train procurements , tribes , they want to replicate the model applied during the search campaign of two thousand six seven when u. s. marines turned the tide against al qaeda fighters , but i repeat will be more difficult , and fees are growing that weapons provided sunni tribes could end up in the hands of islamic state