FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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the elusive leader of the islamic state releasing a new message thursday calling for recruits to take up arms in the name of islam early eighteen was there is no excuse for any muslim not to join the islamic state , joining is a duty for every muslim , we are calling on you either to join or pick up weapons wherever you are , isis leader abu bakar al baghdadi is rumored to have been injured in an air strike but those reports have not been confirmed reuters has been unable to independently verify the authenticity of thursday's recording the last audio message from but daddy was in november at the peak of islamic states power writers foreign policy correspondent warned strobel the group is much more under attack now by the united states and by its allies and baghdad he probably %HESITATION has to be very careful about revealing his location , and must be %HESITATION worried that now he will meet his fate and i and the u. s. drone strike or in some other sort of military operation we haven't seen a lot of %HESITATION , video , uh or audio has been much more behind the scenes as it were latest message mentions the saudi air campaign in yemen which began on march twenty sixth , donna daddy's first appearance since the rise of islamic state was in july last year when he proclaimed himself leader of an islamic caliphate the group has since lost territory in iraq and syria but splinter groups have cropped up in libya and egypt , perhaps most alarmingly for western nations have been the threat of so called lone wolves individuals inspired by the jihadists but operating independently two gunmen attacking an exhibit of muhammad cartoons in texas earlier this month were in touch with islamic state recruiters via social media , thursday's message could be an attempt to encourage similar attacks and to affirm but daddy's continued leadership of the islamic state