FIRST AIRED: June 2, 2015

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in the first declassified account of a high value al qaeda operative held at the c. i. a. black site a detainee turned government witness alleges c. i. a interrogators used a wider array of abuse and torture than previously disclosed writers investigative reporter david wrote has the exclusive story that the person is making these allegations is a confessed morale kato he split guilty is also cooperating witness , credible , the problem for the government is now saying that there were many more forms of torture use particularly sexual abuse majeed khan was captured in pakistan he was first held at an unspecified c. i. a. black site from two thousand and three to two thousand six where the alleged sexual abuse took place , he spent the next eight years a kuantan obey you confess to delivering money twelve qaeda operatives plotting with nine eleven mastermind khalid shaikh mohammed to poison water supplies and serve as a sleeper agent for all kinda in the u. s. the new forms of torture here i'm are that he was videotaped %HESITATION while naked he had ice water poured on his genitals he also said he was threatened to be beaten with hammers , the else %HESITATION sticks and baseball bats , another that kind of threat were torturous come up before c. i. a. says collins claims about sexual abuse are untrue see eyes interrogation methods were approved by the bush administration after nine eleven human rights groups call it torture defenders say it was necessary majeed cons lawyers want to transfer to the u. s. federal court system for sentencing where they hope a judge may be more lenient than a military tribunal