FIRST AIRED: June 2, 2015

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if not the isaiah sixty seven the nays are thirty two , the bill is passed the senate passing a bill reining in america's anti terror laws tuesday after the n. s. a. is controversial phone data spying program expired andy sullivan is following the story for reuters in washington the f. b. i. and the n. s. c. can't start any new bulk collection programs under the law that existed previously this lockwood started back up again for six months which would give it time to transition to the new compromise that they've worked out the u. s. a. freedom act shifts the ball collection of calling records to phone companies who will turn the data over to the government under a court order if it would split the senate between senators who taught the old program went too far and those who think the new law gives up too much vermont democrat patrick leahy people want us to be safe , but they also want their privacy , texas republican john cornyn why should we risk anyone being injured , or potentially kill those results of a home grown terrorist attack on our own soil because we have simply blinded ourselves , in a significant way to the risk presidential hopeful rand paul finding himself on the sidelines after forcing a lot to expire last weekend so he's been banging the drum on this for the past few weeks is declaring victory but it's not really a victory rand paul says he doesn't like this , compromise but it's going to happen anyhow president obama has already stated his support of the bill he will likely sign it into law in the next few days was built wrote that he was