FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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nnnnn the mysterious die off of the american honeybee that is baffled scientists in recent years , appears to be accelerating the u. s. department of agriculture releasing a report wednesday that shows a significant uptake in losses , for managed honey bee colonies from the previous year writer senior food and agriculture correspondent kerry gillam is in the midwest where b. decline is especially dire , meetings are just really important to food production and in the united states is estimated that %HESITATION they help pollinate about fifteen billion dollars worth of that food crops every year , but reaching a consensus on the reason for the population losses has become a politically charged debate many people are starting to link the loss of honey bees to a class of insecticides called munich attenuates the people that sell the new unix berenson genta and other large agricultural companies say it is not the neo next they say that today it is mites , zeze poor nutrition poor management , %HESITATION that is hurting the honey bees , we give them says the new report bolsters the argument that insecticides are to blame the report issued today by the u. s. d. a showed a pretty significant jump in losses of honey bees in the summertime , uh which is unusual because the %HESITATION the thought has always been that they the honey bees are most susceptible to dying off in the wintertime , and that is when the mites %HESITATION we can get to the honey bees and do more damage this is particularly concerning to them at points more toward %HESITATION insecticides and less toward mites as a potential culprit in the honey bee deaths the white house has formed a task force to study the issue and some lawn and garden retailers have been cutting the use of new unix , u. s. d. a. says a full more detailed report will be published later this year