FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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the fate of the boston marathon bomber is now in the hands of the jury the panel started deliberations wednesday on the punishment for joe hurst are naive to the worst terrorist attack on american soil since nine eleven , there are only two choices life in prison or death by lethal injection , federal prosecutors and defense attorneys on wednesday made their final arguments before the jury began deliberations on tonight at state , are prosecutors sought to a painting as noon here and of the al qaeda is radical islamist ideology %HESITATION one who they said %HESITATION learned how to build a homemade pressure cooker bombs through our highest inspire magazine , the twenty one year old was convicted last month of planting bombs that killed three people and injured two hundred and sixty four more at april twenty thirteen great , and their final statements to the jury prosecutors called chechen born son i am a terrorist , but the defense that his strong will was changed by radical older brother tamerlan they contended was a %HESITATION was a dominant force in the sinai a family arm that when , parents are is mentally ill father and he's on , not very attentive mother left the united states where they had moved to which they had moved at a decade before the attack and return to their native russia in two thousand twelve data show harsin i was left to drift and die easily fell under his brother spell , during the sentencing phase they called family members who portrays are neither discrete child as well as a prominent death penalty opponent who said he was genuinely sorry for the pain he caused , so now i have did not take the stand in his own defense and either phase of the trial and showed little emotion even one victim to share their stories of grief and tremendous lost , so now i have choked up only once when his own relative took the stand and broke down in tears , capital punishment is unpopular in massachusetts , a recent poll found less than twenty percent of state residents things are night should be put to death the last execution in the state took place in nineteen forty seven