FIRST AIRED: May 22, 2015

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the u. s. senate on friday trying to break a standoff over a massive n. s. a. spying program with a crucial deadline looming under the patriot act passed after the nine eleven attacks fantasy sweeps up americans calling records by the millions in search of terror threats , critics say it trampled on privacy rights and now the program is set to expire may thirty first unless congress acts the house passed a measure to rein in the program last week the u. s. a. freedom act would take bulk phone data out of the essays hands while allowing targeted surveillance the white house supports the plan but conservative senators led by majority leader mitch mcconnell want to renew the program as it stands and that at a moment of elevated threat it would be a mistake to take from our intelligence community , any any of the valuable tools needed to build a complete picture , andy sullivan covers politics for reuters , well the senate could resolve this one of three ways in the next twenty four hours they could agree to the compromise that is already passed the house they could try to keep the current %HESITATION authority in place by extending it temporarily but it's not clear whether that would pass the house are or they could just sort of threw up their hands and let the whole thing expire on june first last week a federal court job today at essays mass collection of calling records a legal and libertarian opponents senator rand paul held the senate floor for more than ten hours wednesday to protest , so far there's no clear path to breaking the impasse