FIRST AIRED: May 22, 2015

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china on friday telling the u. s. it is quote strongly dissatisfied after u. s. surveillance plane was spotted flying over contested territories in the south china sea wednesday woman goes away from , we demand that the u. s. side strictly abide by international law and relevant international rules and refrain from taking any risky and provocative actions , china also warning that similar missions in the future may prompt quote unexpected incidents in the sea or air space u. s. plane which took these images this flying over territories where china is building artificial islands and seeking to bolster its civil and military presence , writers david brunch dramas following the story united states %HESITATION feels it needs to to up the antenna in the face of this %HESITATION what it says on , in in the south china sea , uh now this is a very important %HESITATION %HESITATION shipping route , uh and also it's an area which is %HESITATION %HESITATION thought to be %HESITATION %HESITATION have %HESITATION rich energy resources as as well as fisheries while on its surveillance mission the aircraft was told presley and repeatedly by the chinese navy to quote leave immediately according to c. n. n. china's position would is is that there is a twelve mile territorial limit , uh around these islands united states %HESITATION would argue that these %HESITATION %HESITATION artificial islands are in international waters so baffle there should be freedom of %HESITATION %HESITATION navigation and overflight , china claims ninety percent of the south china sea its claims overlapping with those are brunei malaysia the philippines vietnam and taiwan