FIRST AIRED: June 2, 2016

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german born futures spiked higher on friday after i am f. chief christine lagarde was quoted as saying agree exit is a possibility , the quote was later changed to nobody would wish to grow exit on the europeans newspaper frankfurter allgemeine zeitung did not explain why change the quotes but until i know the snow surrounding greece's debts and uncertainty over whether or be able to make looming payments to the i. m. f. and the c. b. at the g. seven in dresden u. s. treasury secretary jack lew wade in it is in everyone's interest for this to be resolved and for to be resolved as quickly as possible alright you know there's a there's the possibility the june fifth is not the real deadline that there's a later date june but what we know for sure is that you keep , raising the risk of an accident if you put off the action until what is whatever the next deadline is german finance minister wolfgang soy glow was also at the g. seven he said athens optimism over reaching a deal soon is not reflected in talks with crevices , grace had expressed hope a deal would be reached by sunday j. p. morgan's david stubbs says that's unlikely and believes there is still weeks left of posturing and brinkmanship is easy beat the supporting the guy they greet banking system out when you if you start to devote to the entity that holding up your back is a system that's when things really get get bad for greece meanwhile e. c. b. j. c. showed great bank deposits of fallen to their lowest level in a decade in athens these pensioners queue outside the banks , fearful they may not get their pensions as state money and time runs out