FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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rand paul ramping up this week for an attack on one of his signature targets the ball collection of americans phone data by the national security agency it's a valid question the kentucky senator and republican presidential hopeful saying he may bring the senate to a halt to stop the program he despises from being renewed the spying program first revealed by edward snowden twenty thirteen is in play as part of a plan to roll back the part of the u. s. a. patriot act that allows the program it's set to expire june first republicans like senate majority leader mitch mcconnell want to leave the n. s. a. powers just as they are reuters political reporter andy sullivan says this could be a chance for rand paul to set himself apart from other candidates in his party well as a republican was strong libertarian leanings one of %HESITATION rand paul's core message , the government , and that it has no business %HESITATION monitoring your phone calls in your ear , traffic this is %HESITATION big sort of conflict with %HESITATION the national security hawks in his party to say look we have to do everything we can to fight terrorism on n. b. c. news meet the press sunday paul said a recent court decision calling the program illegal should be followed and the n. s. s. power should be reined in the house of representatives passed a bill limiting the n. essays powers last week and paul along with many senate democrats wants to see the same in the senate and he appears to mean business vowing to filibuster any measure increasing or maintaining the n. s. as powers filibuster could really help rand paul if you recall about two years ago he sort of shot , providence with a sort of an old fashioned mister smith goes to washington style talking filibuster i will speak as long as it takes , until the alarm is sounded from coast to coast , where he held the senate floor for hours and hours going on about drones in an executive power so he might do that same thing again which not only would help him in congress put could also %HESITATION bring a lot of attention to his presidential bid as the republican field gets more and more crowded that means this could be rand paul's week to shine