FIRST AIRED: May 4, 2018

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>> Hundreds of Hawaiians are fleeing their homes after a volcanic eruption spewed molten lava, ash, and smoke into residential areas. The Kilauea volcano, Hawaii's largest, began erupting late Thursday on the Big Island's eastern edge.>> My neighbor came running over. He said, what's that awful noise? And he said, I have never heard a noise like that.
And he has been here for 40 years. So, we started checking it out and then somebody else stopped and said, hey that’s right there it is flowing now. You need to get out.>> After officials said they couldn’t predict how long the eruption may last, Hawaii Governor, David Ige, declared a state of emergency in effected areas.
And posted on Twitter that he had activated the National Guard to help with evacuations. The Hawaii Fire Department reported that it had detected extremely high levels of dangerous sulfur dioxide gas in the air that can cause breathing problems, burning eyes, and coughing. One witness told local media he'd seen fountains of lava up to 125 feet high.
>> I smelled it and I ran to the corner and that's when I ran into a military officer that told me that it's smoking. And sure as heck enough, I take the turn, one of my favorite streets at least, is on fire.>> Kilauea, an active valcano has been slowly been erupting for more than 30 years.
The United States Geogolocial Survey says, over that time, lava flows from that valcano has burried 50 square miles of land.