FIRST AIRED: May 4, 2018

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>> Some 57,000 immigrants from Honduras are now vulnerable to deportation after the Trump administration said Friday, it will terminate the temporary protected status, or TPS, for Hondurans living in the US.>> Strong borders.>> The move, the latest by President Donald Trump, to curve immigration. And to shut down TPS granted to immigrants after violent conflicts, or natural disasters.
Reuter's correspondent, Micah Rosenberg, is on the story.>> The Temporary Protected Status, originally, was for victims of Hurricane Mitch back in 1999.>> But a lot of experts in Honduras say the situation may even be worse now for people in the country. It has one of the highest murder rates in Central America.
d recently there's been a very contested political campaign and election for President that has caused violent protests in the streets. So a lot of people, still now, are leaving the country.>> Many of them have joined a so-called caravan that crossed Mexico and that Trump has denounced.
Honduran officials tell Reuters they will welcome nationals back, but.>> They are concerned about the country's ability to handle this many repatriated people. But many in Washington say it's time. They say the program, which has been extended in increments, is basically a de-facto residency in the Unites States.
>> People from Honduras have sometimes been here for 20 years.>> Hondurans are the second largest nationality with TPS, and will officially lose their status on January 5th, 2020