FIRST AIRED: May 4, 2018

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>> Got him, I'm a sniper. I'm good with my AR. If anybody has any problems, you know what I'm saying, you can find me on Fortnite.>> In fact, millions of gamers can be found on Fortnite battling with people like Christian Osevado.
rtnite recently setting a record, with 3.4 million people playing at the same time.
Fortnite Battle Royale comes courtesy of Epic Games, a company partially owned by China's Tencent. A combination of Minecraft and Call of Duty, Fortnight drops 100 players on an island. Last man standing wins. Bob is one of the world's top players.>> Beginning of
] I maybe played 24 hours a day for like 1 week.
Cuz I had to be number one.>> Ruled out last fall on gaming systems and more recently on your iPhone>> Fortnite is free to play, and yet, it's become a money machine.>> My god.>> We need help.>> According to firm SuperData, Fortnite made $223 million in March alone, all from in game purchases.
>> In the Fortnite item shop, I've bought two skins, one glider, two battle passes, and that cost me $70.>> And its not just Epic cashing in, Fortnite is making fortunes for some of its players too. They stream their games on Twitch, the online gaming network owned by Amazon, some making hundreds of thousands of dollars a month, possibly more.
On a recent visit to Twitch's office, CEO Emmett Shear, explained the eye-popping economics.>> They can run ads, they can sell subscriptions to their channel. People who are their super-fans can cheer here for them with money, with bets.>> So where does this massively popular game, which released season four this week, go from here?
Some are betting on eSports. A recent Fortnite event at an eSports arena in Las Vegas, featuring popular streamer, Ninja, drew a record-breaking audience to his Twitch stream.>> Wait, wait, wait, please don't, god.>> The buzz of a free game that rakes in cash for top players could have kids spending even more of their summer on the couch.