FIRST AIRED: May 14, 2018

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>> A powerful Shiite cleric cleric who led two uprisings against US troops in Iraq is leading the country's election. According to the Iraqi Electoral Commission, Moktada Alsada is in front with more than half the votes counted. And this was the response among his supporters on the streets of Baghdad.
oever wins this election will deal with the fallout from Donald Trumps's decision to quit the Iran Nuclear deal. Something Iraqis fear could turn that country into a theater of conflict between Washington and Tehran. Indeed the Iran backed Hadi Al Amiri, leader of the main Shiite paramilitary group in Iraq is understood to be in second place.
While incumbent Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi appears to be running in third. Abadi is a rare ally of the US and Iran and used the support of both to take on Islamic state in the country. Defeating the militants had improved Abadi's standing in the run up to the election.
Amiri's Badr Organization also played a key role in that fight.>>
> But some Iraqis resent his close ties to Iran. Sadah meanwhile is one of the few Shiite leaders to keep Tehran at a distance.
e nationalist cleric has a zealous following among the young, poor and dispossessed.
And derives much of his authority from his father, the highly respected Grand Ayatollah Mohammad Sadeq al-Sadr, who was murdered in 1999 for defying the then leader, dictator Saddam Hussein. With results from eight provinces yet to be declared, everything could yet change. Full results are due to be officially announced later on Monday.