FIRST AIRED: May 8, 2018

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>> This is the sound of revolution in Armenia, after weeks of mass protests saw a government toppled and a new leader elected to power. Parliament voted in the country's opposition leader, Nikol Pashinyan, as Prime Minister, Tuesday. After anger at decades of cronyism and corruption, the ex-Soviet Republic forced the veteran leader to step down, ending his ten years in power.
Armenia still depends heavily on Russia. And Moscow is wary of an uncontrolled change of power, which could pull it out of the Kremlin's orbit. But the new leader has pledged not to break with the past.>> Dear colleagues, I thank you for this vote and your stance. And I only want to say the following.
I serve to the people of the Republic of Armenia. I serve to the Republic of Armenia, thank you.>> Pashinyan is a former newspaper editor, who has spent time in prison for stirring up unrest. He's now also known for his trademark camouflage T-shirt and cap, a dramatic change to the rulers who have run Armenia since the late 90s.
He spearheaded the campaign that saw the former leader fall. Moscow, which has a military base here, has not intervened in the protests. Pashinyan says Russia is a vital ally, and President Vladimir Putin has congratulated him on his win.