FIRST AIRED: May 4, 2018

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>> Why they expected that US President Donald Trump will withdraw the United States from the Iran nuclear deal by May 12th. If that does happen, Iran has a number of options that it can pursue. In Iraq, Iran has formed a close relationship with a number of Shiite militia groups who have formed a political block that will run in the elections next week.
If the US does withdraw from the nuclear agreement, they will very likely use these political allies to ramp up pressure on the US in Iraq and to try to minimize the US' political influence in Iraq.
Lebanon, we have Iran's closest regional ally which is Hezbollah. If the nuclear deal fell through, tensions are already quite high because Israel has attacked Hezbollah within Syria. If the nuclear deal were to fall through, Hezbollah being Iran's biggest ally.
They haven't really come into direct conflict with the Iran and its allies very often. Maybe a few sporadic conflicts here and there. But senior Iranian officials obviously do not want the US to be in that area. And if the nuclear deal falls through, the relationship with the US deteriorates.
They could certainly not rein in these groups in carrying out attacks against those US forces.
They would likely ramp up tensions a great deal between Hezbollah and Israel, and potentially lead to another cross border conflict.
e other regional ally that the Iran could reach out to are the Houthis in Yemen. Now the Iranians denied providing any kind of military support for the Houthis even though the US and Saudi Arabia claim they do.
But at the very least, Iran could strengthen its ties with the Houthis and could even complicate the war that the Saudi Arabia is fighting in Yemen even more.