FIRST AIRED: May 7, 2018

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>> Hundreds of asylum seekers being held in Australia's detention centers in the Pacific are likely to remain there indefinitely, that's according to Australia's Home Affair's Minister, Peter Dutton, who said on Monday, no other country is willing to re-settle them. Australia's hardline immigration policy says asylum seekers intercepted at sea trying to reach the country must be sent to processing to three camps in Papua New Guinea and one on the south pacific island of Nauru.
As of the end of march there were over 1,300 people in the camps from countries including Afghanistan ,Iran,Pakistan and Sudan. They're all told they will never be settled in Australia.>> We'll continue to look at the country arrangements. Believe me, DFAT, our department, have been working on this for a number of years.
People aren't jumping out of their skin to provide places, and that's the reality.>> In recent months, about 250 people have left the camps for the United States under a swap deal that President Donald Trump has called dumb. Under the deal, more than 1200 of the migrants could be resettled in the United States.
In exchange, Australia took 30 Central American refugees last year. The problem is even if the US takes the full quota, that still leaves more than 300 people in the Pacific camps. And many are concerned that the Trump Administration may not accept its full quota. Critics of Australia's immigration policy say there is also no way Papua New Guinea or Naru will ever be able to resettle the asylum seekers.
But Australia defends it's tough laws saying they've deterred people from making the dangerous journeys by sea to reach its shores.